October 3, 2019 | Moscow | Holiday Inn Sokolniki

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Service approach and competent service management are needed by both traditional enterprises and the digital transformations foremost people. At the conference, we will discuss the accumulated experience, the practice of applying service management in IT and beyond, changes in ITIL and other sets of knowledge, traditional and new management tools.

The main focus of the conference, however, will be people - the very “SM goers” who implement the service approach, build service management systems, use and develop them, move the theory and practice in this area. This is a huge reservoir of people - service managers, process managers, service desk agents, analysts, external consultants and many others. What should they be? What skills and experience do they need? Will their role in the digital world of robots and artificial intelligence in ITSM systems change? Why do people become an increasingly important element in the traditional triad of Processes-People-Technologies? How to organize their growth? How many need them? How, with all this in mind, should the processes (practices) and automation tools be modified?

If you are an experienced professional and you are ready to share your knowledge with the community - apply for a speech! We really appreciate the experience of colleagues!

Conference participants will have the opportunity of their choice to visit several thematic sections devoted to the most pressing issues, the most modern and advanced approaches to IT management. At the exhibition, the leading suppliers of software and IT services will present new solutions for managing services and the company as a whole.

The event will be held awarding the winners in traditional competitions and nominations: "ITSM project of the year", "Junior League ITSM", "The best article on ITSM".


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