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4th - 5th october 2016, Moscow

The 7th annual conference of itSMF Russia is an event for professionals in IT service management and related disciplines

It is going to take place on the 4th and 5th of October 2016 in Moscow, Russia at the Info-Space conference-center. The title of the conference is (The planet of ITSM: from trails blazed to new horizons)

We invite all IT professionals to take a journey to well-known and unexplored spots of the ITSM planet. We will follow the roads of the best practices, useful meetings and new learning. As usually, the conference will keep the best traditions of itSMF Russia, and will be remembered by everyone who happens to attend.

No way you can plan your vacation for October 4th and 5th, 2016!

Move all your appointments to different dates! Probably not only you, but also your partners and colleagues will want to attend this important event – so, invite them too!

Attendees of the conference “The planet of ITSM: from trails blazed to new horizons” will have an opportunity to select and attend several sections, dedicated to the most difficult issues, the most advanced IT management practices. You’ll be able to go deep in thoughts on the topic, which might be relevant to your company, or for you personally. We’ll talk about experience of the best projects. You’ll have a chance to attend master-classes. You’ll learn something new about ITSM tooling. Recognized experts will answer your questions.

The schedule of the conference has two days: October 4th as the first conference day, and October 5th as the second day dedicated to master-classes and round-tables. The second day is optional and requires separate registration.

Conference speakers are experienced professionals, successful managers and competent consultants. They are ready to share their experience with the colleagues. Every presentation will be selected by the Expert council of itSMF Russia, and by the Program committee of the conference. If you are an experienced professional and can guide your path on the Planet of ITSM – step in and submit your presentation!

Conference program

4th october

5th october

  • 09:00 — 10:00
    Collection guests, coffee break , communication, exhibition
  • 10:00 — 10:05
    Opening of the conference
  • 10:05 — 12:30
    Plenary session
  • 12:30 — 13:00
    coffee break , communication, exhibition
  • 13:00 — 14:50
    parallel performances in the sections
  • 14:50 — 16:10
    lunch, communication, exhibition
  • 16:10 — 18:00
    parallel performances in the sections
  • 18:10 — 19:55
    buffet, informal communication

Organizing committee

  • Ilya Haet
    Ilya Haet
    Chairman of the Committee
  • Igor Barinov
    Igor Barinov
  • Andrey Boganov
    Andrey Boganov
  • Anton Boganov
    Anton Boganov
  • Elena Karabanova
    Elena Karabanova
  • Karen Kasparov
    Karen Kasparov
  • Anton Lykov
    Anton Lykov
  • Tigran Matinyan
    Tigran Matinyan
  • Pavel Solopov
    Pavel Solopov
  • Vladimir Pavlov
    Vladimir Pavlov
  • Elena Romanova
    Elena Romanova
  • Julia Rogacheva
    Julia Romacheva
  • Ilya Sukhov
    Ilya Sukhov

Event location

EVENT-hall Infoprostranstvo

(1st Zachatievsky lane , 4)


Golden partners

  • BMC Software

  • Comparex

Silver partners

  • Axios
  • ATC

Bronze partners

  • Cleverics
  • 1C-Рарус
  • Digital Design
  • Naumen
  • Айтеко
  • SoftwareONE

Exhibition participants

  • IT Expert
  • ActiveGroup
  • IBS

Information partners

  • Директор информационной службы (СIO.RU)
  • Global CIO
  • Real ITSM
  • Intelligent Enterprise/Корпоративные системы

Technical partner

  • Mr.Bot
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